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​About the Hagoromo Festival


Miho Children's Noh / Miho Hagoromotai (Children's Noh)


​ Shizuoka Municipal Shimizu Fifth Junior High School, which is adjacent to Mihonomatsubara Pine Grove, develops its own program based on the characteristics of the region and unique cultural resources during the integrated learning period. We are carrying out a class of ′′ Noh ′′ in the middle of the day. All grades from 1st to 3rd grade learn about Mihonomatsubara Pine Grove, a valuable cultural asset of the region, and learn about the region with a focus on cultivating love for their hometown. We perform experience-based learning of Noh chants and dances based on the theme. Through the wisdom of our predecessors, we learn the “power to live” through Noh as a “tradition of Japan”, and study them comprehensively throughout the three years.

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こども能楽 修正2.png
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