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What is the Hagoromo Festival?

The Hagoromo Festival is a Noh event that began in 1984 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the former Shimizu City administration. Since its inception, even after the merger of the former Shizuoka City and the former Shimizu City in 2003, it has continued to this day with the support of many people inside and outside the city, including local organizations in the Miho area, and all of the supporting companies. . At the center of the project, Miho Hagoromo Takigi Noh, many unique Noh plays have been performed so far, including the Noh play Hagoromo, which depicts the legend of a celestial maiden who descended to Miho Matsubara.

In addition, "Miho Children's Noh" is a place where local junior high school students comprehensively study Noh and Hagoromo legend and present their achievements. Performance of Noh song "Hagoromo" by Shizuoka Miho Hagoromo Utai Troupe, French dancer Hélène Giuglaris died at the young age of 34, unable to fulfill her dream of visiting Miho, the birthplace of Noh "Hagoromo" Various events will be held with the cooperation of local residents and everyone involved in the Hagoromo Festival, such as the "Madame Hélène Commendation Ceremony" in memory of Mr.

From 2021, the venue has been moved to the square in front of the Shizuoka City Mihonomatsubara Cultural Creation Center "Mihoshirube" in order to convey the charm of Mihonomatsubara to the world. You can enjoy the newly reborn Hagoromo Festival.

​ We would appreciate it if you could visit us.

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What is the Hagoromo Festival?

​FY2020 39th Hagoromo Festival Miho Hagoromo Firewood Noh performance details

​Saturday, October 8, 2020, from 16:30 to 19:30

​ (Doors open at 15:45)

Noh "Economy"Sotaro Waku

Kyogen "Batayamabushi"Taichiro Nomura


Noh "Hagoromo"Noboru Sano

[All seats reserved] ​Adults 5,000 yen/Under 22 years old 2,000 yen (preschoolers are not allowed to enter)

​ *Prices shown include tax.

Mihomatsubara, Shizuoka City​Plaza in front of Cultural Creation Center "Mihoshirube"



Click here for a larger PDF file of the flyer

​ can be downloaded.

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