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​About the Hagoromo Festival


Madame Hélène Commendation Ceremony

​Dedication of "Hagoromo no Mai" in honor of Hélène Giuglarice, who was passionate about the performance of Noh "Hagoromo" and had a great success at the Guimet Museum in Paris. and offering flowers.

~ Origin ~

In the mid-1940s, Madame Hélène Giuglaris was focusing her energy on the performance of Noh "Hagoromo" in France.

Although she thought about Miho, the birthplace of the Noh play Hagoromo, she never fulfilled her dream of visiting Miho.

In order to fulfill the wife's last wish, "My soul is attached to Miho," her husband, Mr. Marcel, visited Miho with his hair in his hand. The love of Mrs. Miho and Hagoromo moved the hearts of the people of Shimizu, and they erected a monument on the side of Hagoromo's pine tree.

After that, the Hagoromo Festival was held from 1984, and among them, the wife was especially honored, and the "Mrs. Hélène Commendation Ceremony" was held.

エレーヌ夫人顕彰式 修正2.png
エレーヌ夫人顕彰式 修正1.png
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