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​About the Hagoromo Festival


Miho Children's Noh Play / Miho Hagoromotai


The Noh song "Hagoromo" will be the local song of Hagoromo Miho, and everyone will sing in chorus.

"May the celestial maiden who praised the wonderful scenery of Miho spread treasures on this land, and this land that has been blessed will live forever." In order to bring the blessings not only to Miho but also to people all over the world who live together on earth, the chanting troupe is open to anyone who can share this thought. It is a community connected to utai that creates unique values.

​In Shizuoka, the National Cultural Festival held in Shizuoka Prefecture in 2009 was triggered by the formation of the Shizuoka Utai-tai, and then in 2010, the Miho Hagoromo Utai-tai in the generational change of Hagoromo no Matsu. , and has continued its activities since the 2013 commemoration of the registration of Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site.

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