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​About the Hagoromo Festival

​ Miho Hagoromo Firewood Noh

"Miho Hagoromo Takigi Noh" will be performed at Miho no Matsubara, which is a World Heritage site and the birthplace of the legend of Hagoromo. In addition to the Noh play Hagoromo, which is closely related to the venue, a different program is performed every year, and a wide variety of performances, including Kyogen, are performed.

In addition to the majesty of the Hagoromo pine, the Takigi Noh performed against the background of Shizuoka City's Miho Matsubara Cultural Creation Center "Mihoshirube" is a unique combination and the best in Japan.

​Enjoy the mysterious world that can only be experienced here.

三保羽衣薪能 修正1.png
三保羽衣薪能 修正2.png
​ Venue Access

​By train/bus

About 13 minutes by train from JR Shizuoka Station and get off at JR Shimizu Station
About 25 minutes by bus bound for Miho and get off at "Miho Matsubara Iriguchi"
About 15 minutes on foot from "Miho no Matsubara Entrance"
*About a 5-minute walk from "World Heritage Mihonomatsubara" (operates only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Water bus: Get off at "Ejiri" or "Miho" from JR Shimizu Station east exit riverside market

About 5 minutes by bus from "S-Pulse practice field entrance / water bus platform", get off at "Miho Matsubara entrance", about 15 minutes on foot
*The operation status may change depending on the day of the week and the weather. Please inquire directly with the operating company.

(Mt. Fuji Shimizu Port Cruise Co., Ltd. TEL: 054-353-2222)

By car

About 25 minutes by car from Shimizu IC
About 25 minutes from Nihondaira Kunozan Smart IC
About 35 minutes by car from Shizuoka IC
Parking available (173 cars)

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